Red_Ball.gif (916 bytes)Manuals

The following manuals are available in PDF format.

little_ball.gif (862 bytes) Instruction Manual for Motion Server and Servo Application Workbench


The Servo Application Workbench Manual describes setup of the Motion Server controller and use of SAW software for system checkout and diagnostics as well as application development.

little_ball.gif (862 bytes) Binary Commands (Think-and-do Motion Block Commands)


The Binary Command Interpreter Manual describes the motion control "API" that's available when using Visual Basic, Visual C++, or Think-and-do software to direct the Motion Server controller.

little_ball.gif (862 bytes) ASCII Commands


The Ascii Command Interpreter Manual describes the motion control command set available through RS-232 commands. This command can be used when the controller is remote from the PC and has a DMS-AUX board to provide the serial communication channels.

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little_ball.gif (862 bytes) Connector Signal and Cabling Notes

The following file provides signal defintions, voltage levels, and alternative cabling strategies for Motion Server signals.

connect.pdf (682k)

Red_Ball.gif (916 bytes)Software Downloads

The following files are available to update drivers that come standard with Motion Server Hardware.

little_ball.gif (862 bytes) DML Analyzer - Douloi Motion Link - Fiber Optic Communication for MSB for use with Think-and-Do

This installation program configures a host computer with a DML (Douloi Motion Link) for Fiber Optic communication to a fiber-interface equpped MSB. Fiber Optic Communication is done with the BCI protocol (Binary Command Interface) and uses the DMS_BC32.DLL library for communication to host programs. This is the library that is used by Think-and-Do software for communicating to Douloi motion controllers. The DML Analyzer provides confirmation that the fiber optic link is working properly and a simple display of motor positions and user longint variables. DML_Analyzer may be used with Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000, and Microsoft Windows 98.

little_ball.gif (862 bytes) Servo Application Workbench

SAW provides easy access to controller capabilities and HMI construction. SAW is required to support diagnostics, system setup, and firmware updates. During technical support calls, SAW will be used to query and check the controller and download any new capabilities required by the application. Machines can be deployed with this version if the license.dat file is removed after installing on the target system. This prevents end users from alterating and saving SAW applications.

SAW '98 for use without controller     (This offline version does not work on Windows ME and recent 2nd editions)

SAW '98 for use with ISA Bus   

SAW '98 for use with RS-232

SAW NT/2000 for use with ISA Bus   

SAW 2000/XP for use with RS-232 (High Speed Douloi Drivers)     This is the fastest way to program with SAW over RS-232 but requires a built-in serial port (no USB or PCI ports) and requires replacing standard com port drivers with Douloi specific drivers.

SAW '98/2000/XP for use with RS-232 (Standard Windows Drivers)     This is the least intrusive way to program over RS-232 with SAW however SAW runs at half speed on native Com ports and 1/6th speed on USB Com Ports compared to high speed Douloi drivers.

SAW 2000/XP for use with Fiber Optic channel on Douloi Motion Link (DML) This installation configures the host PC to use the Fiber Optic Channel on the Douloi Motion Link communication PCI card. This requires that the target MSB also be configured with fiber-optic capable firmware. Consult Douloi Auotmation with configuration questions.

little_ball.gif (862 bytes) Binary Command Interpreter (32 bit DLL used with VB and Think-and-do)

The Binary Command Interpreter provides access to the controller from 32 bit Windows environments such as Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Think-and-do software. Please refer to the Binary Command Interpreter Manual for details regarding use.

Binary Command Interpreter '98 for use with ISA controllers

Binary Command Interpreter NT/2000 for use with ISA controllers