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Incremental Motion Control Systems and Devices (IMCSD) Conference Papers

One of the most prestigious and established conference on motion control in the world. The IMCSD Symposium has been attended by engineers and specialists from all over the world. The conference's unique style, with coffee breaks, luncheons, exhibits and banquet, provides an ideal atmosphere for the experts as well as the novice to exchange ideas and information on a wide range of subjects on Motion Control. The symposium encompasses a broad area in motion control systems and devices with sessions devoted to tutorial as well as original papers. Visit Incremental Motion Control Systems and Devices at www.incremental-motion.com

Douloi Automation has presented papers at the IMCSD Symposium annually since 1990 including the following titles:

"Motion Merging and Other Single Axis Control Challenges", IMCSD Proceedings 2000

"Motion Control Terminal Blocks: The Next Step in Distributed Control", IMCSD Proceedings 1999

"Motion Controller Resident Collision Avoidance", IMCSD Proceedings 1998

"Chameleon Motion Controller Speeds Machine Upgrades", IMCSD Proceedings 1997

"Motion Server - A Next Generation Motion Controller Architecture", IMCSD Proceedings 1996

"Watch Where You're Going! Motion Control Precision Through Vision", IMCSD Proceedings 1995

"Advanced Motion Solutions Using Simple Superposition Technique", IMCSD Proceedings 1994

"A Software Component Library for Motion Control", IMCSD Proceedings 1993

"An Advanced Motion Control System Architecture Based on a 386 PC", IMCSD Proceedings 1992

"A Servo Application Development Environment for Microsoft Windows", IMCSD Proceedings 1992


"Coordination Tailoring", Motion Magazine, May/June 1996

Technical Notes

Linear and Circular Interpolation (arc_2d.pdf 87K)